Ardoch Roman Fort

[Ardoch Roman Fort]

Braco boasts the remains of one of the best-preserved Roman forts anywhere in Britain. The camp is believed to have been built by the armies of General Gnaeus Julius Agricula in the first century AD during his conquest of northern England, Wales and (less successfully) southern Scotland, before being remodelled and reused in a later campaign during the next century. The ditches and ramparts have survived thanks to a sympathetic landowner in the 18th century who prevented the fields from being ploughed; other nearby forts haven't survived so well.

[Ardoch Roman Fort]

📌 Ardoch Roman Fort ☆☆☆
Location: A822 just northeast of Braco, G.R.: NN 840100 ///bulges.sensitive.surviving
Open: Always
Cost: Free
Anything else? Park at the north end of Braco village, then follow the main road north over the bridge to the fort.

[Wildflowers on the fort]


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