Gleniffer Braes

[Paisley (left) and Glasgow (right) seen from just west of the "Car park in the sky"]

First appearances suggest that council budget cuts haven't been kind to Paisley's local country park. Potholed car parks, weeds poking through tarmac footpaths, but also some of the best views of Glasgow from the Car park in the sky (including at night, if you ignore the site's potential as a dogging location), and a waterfall that seems too impressive to be allowed so close to an urban area. Despite being so close to Paisley's southern suburbs that you can hear the ice cream van making its rounds of Glenburn, you've every chance of having the paths to yourself on a sunny summer evening.

[Forest path above Tannahill's Well (August 2015)]

Name: Craigielinn waterfall ★★☆
Description: Impressive hidden waterfall on the burn between Glenburn Reservoir and the smaller water bodies below.
Location (car park): Off Glenfield Road, Paisley, just west of Thornley Dam, G.R.: NS 481608 / washed wacky flood
Anything else? About 500 metres west of the car park on clear, sometimes muddy paths. Head past two small, successive reservoirs whilst slowly climbing, and you're on the right track. Signposted once you get closer, by which time you'll probably be able to hear falling water anyway.

Name: Robertson Park (Car park in the sky) ★☆☆
Description: One of the best viewpoints of Glasgow - you don't even have to leave the car.
Location: B775 just south of Paisley, G.R.: NS 455607 / allows saying town

[Craigielinn waterfall (August 2015)]


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