St Serf's Church & Dupplin Cross

[St Serf's Church]

At a collision of B-roads on the northern fringe of the Ochil Hills, Dunning boasts a long and varied history. It's a quiet village, today dominated by the beautiful old church of St Serf's which dates back to the year 1200. It reputedly marks the spot where St Serf slew a dragon during the 6th century. Unfortunately church services aren't held here any more, but over the summer months friendly volunteers open the building as a tourist attraction. The real highlight inside is a finely carved, Pictish cross from around 800 AD, featuring an inscription in Latin referring to a Pictish king.

[Dupplin Cross]

📌 St Serf's Church and Dupplin Cross ☆☆☆
Location: Dunning village centre, G.R.: NO 018145 ///trading.ghosts.lucky
Open (2019): Daily, April to September
Cost: Free

[St Serf's Church]


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