[Noltland Castle]

Pierowall is the capital of Westray, and has all the amenities you'd expect for an island of its size. Like a shop. This is Scotland though, so add a substantial ruined castle, old kirk, a reputation for crab, seals on the shore and the seabird colony at Noup Head into the mix and you have most of the ingredients for a day out. The shortest scheduled flight in the world departs for Papa Westray from near here - amazingly, the entire journey takes less than two minutes!

[Looking over the Bay of Pierowall towards Gill Pier]

Name: Pierowall ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: HY 438487 ///baker.outdoors.crunch

Name: Noltland Castle ★☆☆
Description: Austere, substantial 16th century tower house ruins, well defended by 71 gun holes.
Location: Minor road just west of Pierowall, G.R.: HY 429487 ///trailing.emulated.builder
Open: Always
Cost: Free

Name: Pierowall Church ☆☆☆
Description: Ruined 17th century church containing ornately carved grave slabs housed in a glass case.
Location: North end of Pierowall, G.R.: HY 440488 ///deliver.albatross.relaxed
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Grave slabs in Pierowall Church]


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