Walk: Puffins o' Castle o' Burrian

[Puffin at Castle o' Burrian]

A distinctive orange-beaked, orange-footed bird on a little hand-painted sign points the way from the B9066. Understated like most things on Westray, this spot of coastline deserves a billboard-size sign with neon flashing lights. Most of the island's puffins nest on the inaccessible Castle o' Burrian sea stack, but smaller numbers also nest on the mainland in the immediate area - look out for the tell-tale burrows and white-stained vegetation. Taking care not to disturb the birds, it's still possible to get close to these cute and comical creatures, surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery and other seabirds which continue to Stanger Head and beyond.

[Stanger Head]

📌 Walk: Puffins o' Castle o' Burrian ★★☆
▶ 3 km / 2 miles | ▲ 30 metres | ⌚ Short walk
Points of interest: Castle o' Burrian and puffins; Bight of Stangerhead
Start / finish: Rapness Mill car park, Rackwick Bay, G.R.: HY 502425 ///custodian.drill.safari

Route: Car park - coast path via Castle o' Burrian to Stanger Head - return by outward route
Terrain: Narrow, coastal grassy path close to cliffs.
Wildlife today: Puffins, shags, fulmars and chicks, numerous other seabird species in small numbers.
Weather today: Mostly cloudy, some sunny spells. Lightish wind.

[Puffin at Castle o' Burrian]

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track


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