Churchill Barriers

[Churchill Barrier no. 3 and blockship]

The Churchill Barriers were originally built on the Prime Minister's advice during World War II, with the intention of stopping German warships entering the UK's naval base at Scapa Flow. If you drive towards Mainland Orkney from South Ronaldsay, you can't miss them. In fact, you drive over them - perhaps gingerly if at a stormy high tide. Since the end of the war, the barriers have usefully functioned as causeways linking the island chain here. It's a beautiful setting albeit with a less beautiful history - numerous blockships lining some of the causeways prevent you forgetting that.

[Churchill Barrier No. 3 and blockships]

📌 Churchill Barriers ★☆☆
Location (Barrier No. 3): A961 between St Margaret's Hope and St Mary's, G.R.: ND 474985 ///living.riverboat.mess
Open: Always (except during exceptional high tides or storms)
Cost: Free

[Looking towards Glimps Holm, connected by Barriers No. 2 and 3]


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