Clach Ard (Tote)

[Clach Ard]

The Picts generally occupied northeast Scotland, so it's a bit of a mystery as to why this seventh century Pictish symbol stone has turned up here. Found being used as a door jamb in a nearby house in the late 1800s, today it stands by the minor road to the crofting township of Tote, about ten minutes' drive northwest of Portree. West coast weather has since taken its toll, but you can still make out symbols including discs, V-rod and Z-rod. You'll probably pass by Tote on the way to Uig and Dunvegan. The unusual but accessible location makes it totes worth a look (sorry).

[Clach Ard]

Name: Clach Ard (Tote) ☆☆☆ (Tall Stone)
Location: Just off B8036 on the minor road to Tote, G.R.: NG 421491 / grab mistaking larger
Open: Always
Cost: Free


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