Fairy Glen, Uig

[Fairy Glen, Uig]

Leave the map in the car and release your children (or your inner child) - Skye's Fairy Glen is tailor-made for haphazard, worry-free exploring. Bizarre, unnatural and intriguing all accurately describe this delightful, miniature landscape perched above Uig, created by landslides and smoothed by subsequent erosion - or fairies, you choose. Castle Ewen's rocky tower, climbable from the back, draws the attention but there are countless other odd hillocks and grassy features to include on your personal tour.

[Not a place to take too seriously...]

Name: Fairy Glen, Uig ★★★
Location: Minor road to Balnaknock, east of Uig, G.R.: NG 415631 / drew pushing scrambles
Anything else? Pick a path from any one of the first laybys and just wander into the grassy landscape. Allow at least an hour to explore the place fully - paths are occasionally muddy with an easy climb up rocks to ascend Castle Ewen.

[Castle Ewen]


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