Rha waterfalls

[Rha waterfalls]

Standing looking out into Uig Bay by the ferry terminal, we watched as a car with Dutch registration plates pulled into the car park and a family got out. They stood on the tarmac, looking distinctly unimpressed at the collection of buildings gathered around the end of the A87, before shrugging, getting back into the car and speeding off. Time spent in Uig: approximately 30 seconds. Some of Uig's attractions have to be actively sought out - had the family looked up, they wouldn't have missed the golden eagle circling lazily above. Had they followed the short path up the glen behind the village, they would have discovered an impressive waterfall on the River Rha that deserves to be better known. A signpost actually mentioning the falls would help - the current one to Rha Woods won't draw the crowds.

[Uig Bay]

📌 Rha waterfalls ★☆☆
Location (parking): Layby by A87 / A855 junction, Uig, G.R.: NG 397642 ///monument.liquid.gloves
Anything else? Follow the A855 west briefly to the signpost for Rha Woods on the right. A slightly muddy path with lots of steps leads about 200 metres to the falls.

[Some of the best views of Uig are from the elevated approach roads to the north and south]


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