Walk: Marsco - narrow ridge, wide views

[Marsco from Glen Sligachan]

Glorious bog characterises the middle section of this ascent: two kilometres of negotiating soggy paths may leave you wondering why you decided on this foray into the Red Hills from Sligachan. But a trip to the top of Marsco (Seagull Hill in Norse) is worth it just for the final few minutes. The summit's unlikely position on a narrow ridge with steep slopes dropping hundreds of metres on either side makes it difficult to pause for long - a shelter cairn sits on welcome broader slopes just beyond. From here, the views of the Cuillin Ridge are as stunning as a glance at a map at home promises them to be. Taking the ridge, views and underfoot conditions into account, not one for a wet, windy or foggy day. Whoops.

[Marsco's narrow summit ridge provides an exhilarating climax]

📌 Walk: Marsco - narrow ridge, wide views ★★☆
▶ 14 km / 9 miles | ▲ 740 metres | ⌚ Full day walk
Main summits: Marsco (736 metres, Graham)
Start / finish: Car park at Sligachan, G.R.: NG 488299 ///target.sunroof.freely

Route: Car park - Allt na Measarroch - Mam a' Phobuill - southeast ridge of Coire nan Laogh - Marsco - return by outward route
Terrain: Good path in Glen Sligachan followed by an intermittently very boggy one by the Allt na Measarroch. Fainter, generally drier path beyond, following fence posts to summit ridge. Final grassy ridge straightforward but very narrow.
Wildlife today: Sheep; some midges on return to the main glen once the wind dropped.
Weather today: Gusty wind progressively dropping, and nearly windless at summit. Cool and overcast with rare bright spells, but hill fog above about 600 metres only cleared on return to the glen.

>> Sligachan ★★☆

[Cuillin Hills from the start at Sligachan (photo from a few days earlier)]

Route credit: Walkhighlands


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