Loch Doon

[North end of Loch Doon, seen from Glessel Hill]

Stretching about 10 kilometres from Ness Glen in the north to beyond Carrick Forest Drive in the south, Loch Doon is southern Scotland's largest loch. Although now a reservoir and surrounded by forestry plantations, this is remote country - at the far end you're a long way from the nearest shop or petrol station. A winding road follows the western shoreline with views into the wild interior of Galloway Forest Park, the Rhinns of Kells hill range prominent above swathes of trees. Keep heading south and you'll reach a castle with a difference: when the water level was raised in 1935 most of the ruin was transported, brick-by-brick, from an island in the middle of the loch (now underwater) to the safety of the mainland.

[Loch Doon Castle]

Name: Loch Doon ★☆☆
Location (approximate mid-point of shore road): Minor road south of Dalmellington, G.R.: NX 492979 / masterful flatten fish

Name: Loch Doon Castle ☆☆☆
Description: Unusual, 11-sided, 13th century ruin, re-erected here before the hydro-electric scheme submerged its original island location in Loch Doon.
Location: Near the southern end of the loch, G.R.: NX 484950 / restores wiggles placidly
Open: Always
Cost: Free

>> see separate post for Road: Carrick Forest Drive ☆☆☆

[Loch Doon, Black Craig behind]


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