Riverside Museum & The Tall Ship

[The Tall Ship reflected on the rear of the Riverside Museum]

The three masts of the Glenlee stand tall in the midst of Glasgow's old docklands where the River Kelvin meets the Clyde. The last Clyde-built ship still afloat in the UK, this has been the boat's resting place since 2011, after a lifetime spanning three different centuries and six continents. Restored in the 1990s, all levels of the ship are explorable: only by going below decks do you begin to appreciate the capacity of the boat beyond the scale of its masts. In truth, however, The Tall Ship is only a sideshow to the main event: the architecturally striking Riverside Museum. Essentially a museum about transport but with plenty of Glasgow history on the side, this is probably the city's finest museum despite stiff competition in the form of the nearby Kelvingrove.

[One of the Riverside Museum's highlights is a mocked-up city street, including shops you can enter - even a tube station]

Name: Riverside Museum ★★★☆
Location: Next to the Clyde and the A814 Clyde Expressway, west side of Glasgow, G.R.: NS 558660 / noble quiet moves
Open (2017): Daily
Cost: Free (but small charge for parking)
Public transport: Train (Partick), 500 metres; bus, <200 metres

Name: The Tall Ship ★★☆☆
Location: Behind the Riverside Museum, G.R.: NS 558659 / talent follow rested
Open (2017): Daily
Cost: Free
Public transport: Train (Partick), 600 metres; bus, <200 metres

[The Tall Ship]


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