North Queensferry

[The old Forth Road Bridge (with the Queensferry Crossing under construction behind)]

Over a million vehicles speed past North Queensferry every month on the brand spanking new Queensferry Crossing, which opened to traffic in August 2017. This is the only place in the world where three bridges of this size exist side-by-side and date from three different centuries; the old Forth Road Bridge (now relegated to a public transport corridor) sits alongside, with the iconic Forth Rail Bridge a little further to the east. Whichever bridge visitors use, most completely miss out on the unique village below: an unusual place with narrow streets, rocky headlands and a forgotten feel, completely dominated by the huge structures overhead. Its now flooded quarry is also, perhaps unexpectedly, home to Scotland's largest aquarium.

[Forth Rail Bridge]

📌 North Queensferry ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NT 131805 ///shoppers.wreck.weeks

[Part of the underwater shark tunnel at Deep Sea World]

Within walking distance

📌 Deep Sea World ★★☆
Description: Excellent aquarium, including one of Europe's longest underwater tunnels where you can view sharks, rays and other fish.
Location: Battery Quarry, 5-min walk south-east from the village centre, G.R.: NT 133803 ///tadpole.prepared.smuggled
Open (2018): Daily
Cost (2018): £15.25 (adults), £10.75 (children); discounts when booking online

📌 Forth Rail Bridge ★★☆
Description: Iconic red cantilever bridge and UNESCO World Heritage Site, carrying trains 2.5 km across the Forth.
Location: Forth estuary between North and South Queensferry, G.R.: NT 134795 ///workforce.snatched.grapevine
Open: Always viewable, or take a train
Cost: Free to view
Anything else? Best viewpoints are from each bank, or a boat.

📌 Queensferry Crossing (M90) ★★★☆☆
Description: 2.7 km cable-stayed bridge, and Scotland's most impressive road bridge, which opened to traffic in 2017.
Location: Forth estuary between North and South Queensferry, G.R.: NT 120799 ///winter.blacken.kilts
Open: Always (to vehicle traffic - no pedestrian access)
Cost: Free

[Heading south on the Queensferry Crossing (8/9/18)]

[Crossing the old Forth Road Bridge on the last day it was open to normal traffic (6/9/17)]


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