Electric Brae

[Electric Brae]

Amongst all of Scotland's weird and wonderful places to visit, Electric Brae has to be one of the more unusual ones. A quirk in the topography around the A719 south of Dunure (and its castle) means that if you pull into the signposted layby as you round the corner and begin to "descend" into Craigencroy Glen, put the car in neutral and (carefully) release the handbrake, you should find that "down the road" is actually upwards, and up is down. The name comes from the original belief that a strange electric or magnetic force was pulling vehicles uphill here. In reality it's just a clever and natural optical illusion, but fascinating nevertheless.

[Stone at Electric Brae explaining the illusion]

Name: Electric Brae ☆☆☆
Location: A719 2 miles south of Dunure, G.R.: NS 254132 / safe outbursts play
Open: Always
Cost: Free
Anything else? Best appreciated if you approach the area from the north (Dunure) side.

[View up (or is it down?) the road from Electric Brae]


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