[Luss Parish Church]

Luss tends to divide opinion depending on the season and time of day. On a sunny summer weekend it can feel like half the world's descended on this tiny village, no more than a handful of beautifully-kept cottages, a couple of touristy shops and a pretty 19th century church. If you can, visit in low season or early morning and you'll get the village and its beautiful views across Loch Lomond mostly to yourself. Alternatively, take to the quieter hills and countryside around the fringes of the village.

[Loch Lomond at Luss (May 2017)]

Name: Luss ★★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NS 359930 ///retailing.costs.trades
Anything else? The main car park carries a charge in summer (if you're lucky you might find free street parking).

[Luss cottages (May 2017)]

Within walking distance

>> see separate post for Walk: Luss for words above Glen Striddle ★☆☆

[Luss Water just outside the village]


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