Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

[Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre]

The Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre is one of Glasgow's quirkiest attractions, yet even many Glaswegians don't seem to have heard of it. During the 1970s, self-taught artist Eduard Bersudsky began crafting a set of curious, moving sculptures ("kinemats") out of scrap metal and rubbish. Initially only seen by his closest friends in his small room in a St Petersburg communal flat, the first kinetic theatre was founded in St Petersburg after Bersudsky showed his work to a theatre critic a decade or so later. Russian economic decline led to Bersudsky's emigration, but Glasgow soon picked up on his kinemats and they now reside in a first-floor gallery in the city centre, brought to life during shows several times weekly. The darkly humorous machinery somehow stirs up a surprising variety of emotions over the course of the 45- (or 70-) minute show, with each model sequentially coming to life to a carefully chosen soundtrack.

[Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre]

📌 Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre ★☆☆
Location: 103 Trongate, Glasgow, 10-min walk south from George Square, G.R.: NS 595649 ///fire.badly.grows
Open (2018): Wednesday to Sunday afternoons / evenings (1 or 2 performances daily)
Cost (2018): £8+ (adults), £3+ (children) depending on show
Public transport: Train (Argyle Street), 200 metres; subway (St Enoch), 500 metres, bus, <200 metres

[Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre]


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