Walk: Above Rob Roy's Grave

[View over Loch Voil from Creag an Tuirc]

If you stretch your imagination a little you can almost still hear the rallying cry of Clan MacLaren from the top of Creag an Tuirc (Boar's Crag). This characterful, rocky knoll was the clan's gathering point during troubled times and is a wonderful viewpoint overlooking Loch Voil and the local hills. Meanwhile, the walk starts at the grave of Scottish folk hero and outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor, buried next to the ruins of Balquhidder Old Church. Based on our experience, red squirrels seem to be even more widespread here than elsewhere in the Trossachs - consider yourself unlucky if you don't see one.

[Rob Roy's Grave]

📌 Walk: Above Rob Roy's Grave ★☆☆
Length: 3 km / 2 miles
Ascent: 130 metres
Main summits: Creag an Tuirc (260 metres)
Points of interest: Rob Roy's Grave
Start / finish: Car park at Balquhidder Church, G.R.: NN 536209 ///beyond.steam.absorb

Route: Car park - Rob Roy's Grave - path at back of churchyard to track into Kirkton Glen - track junction at NN 533204 - Creag an Tuirc - path due west from crag - rejoins outward track to start.
Terrain: Clear paths, steep on descent, and good forest tracks.
Wildlife today: 3 or 4 red squirrels at various points in the walk.
Weather today: Dry with sunny intervals and little wind; temperature in single figures.

📌 Rob Roy's Grave ☆☆☆
Description: Final resting place of outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor, his wife and two of their sons.
Location: Balquhidder churchyard, G.R.: NN 535209 ///self.willpower.clicker
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Kirkton Burn just beyond the churchyard]

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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