Bachelors' Club

[Bachelors' Club]

Connections with Robert Burns ooze from every corner of this region, but there's no better place to begin a Burns tour than the Bachelors' Club. The ground floor of this unassuming, village centre building was Tarbolton's watering hole during the 18th century. In the upper room accessed by an exterior staircase, the yet-to-be-famous poet founded a debating club, was initiated into the Freemasons and learned to dance. Following various uses over the decades since, the National Trust for Scotland have now restored the rooms to their former appearance, creating a small but charming attraction (and free at the time of writing).

[Debating room fireplace]

Name: Bachelors' Club ☆☆☆
Location: Sandgate Street, Tarbolton, G.R.: NS 431272 / fine linguists moved
Open (2017): Friday to Tuesday afternoons, early April to late September
Cost (2017): Free

[Debating room]


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