St Mary's Church, Grandtully

[St Mary's Church]

From the outside it's an unassuming, run-of-the-mill farm building. Why have Historic Environment Scotland bothered? - you might think. But first appearances can be deceiving: open the door, flick on the lights and gaze upwards. Here you'll find a magnificent painted ceiling, added to the 1533 exterior a century or so later. Portable panels explain the various sections, with death and the final judgement at the centre. Well worth the short drive from nearby Aberfeldy.

[Church ceiling]

Name: St Mary's Church (Grandtully) ☆☆☆
Location: Minor road end off A827 2 miles south-west of Grandtully, G.R.: NN 887506 / templates lows limes
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[River Tay at Grandtully]


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