Kilmartin Museum

[Kilmartin Museum]

Kilmartin Glen is a small valley with a huge depth of history, including some of the most remarkable neolithic and bronze age archaeological sites anywhere in Scotland. To begin to understand it all, the best place to start is Kilmartin Museum in the small village of the same name. The exhibition area is small and feels quite cramped (not surprising considering it has to fit in 5,000 years of history), but there are ambitious expansion plans for the coming years. Admission includes a handy map of the glen's various historical sites - you can visit many of these on an excellent half-day walk starting right here in the village. The Kilmartin Sculptured Stones are housed in a shelter outside Kilmartin Church next door.

[Kilmartin Museum]

📌 Kilmartin Museum ☆☆☆
Location: Kilmartin village centre, G.R.: NR 834989 ///restrict.beginning.examples
Open (2019): Daily, March to late December
Cost (2019): £7 (adults), £2.50 (children)

[Kilmartin Museum]


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