Port Ellen

[Port Ellen from the south]

Port Ellen is the largest settlement in the southern portion of Islay and also one of the island's most attractive villages. Whitewashed houses spread along two sandy bays: horseshoe-shaped Loch Leòdamais and the straighter Tràigh Gheighsgeir. In between the two is a low headland to which is attached one of Islay's two main ferry ports, so you may well catch your first glimpse of Port Ellen from the sea. 3 distilleries line the road east out of town (walkable by an off-road footpath, although it'd take the best part of day including the individual distillery tours), while Port Ellen Maltings in the village itself provides malted barley for the majority of Islay's distilleries.

[View towards the harbour from the village centre]

Name: Port Ellen ★★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NR 365453 ///mugs.headed.creatures

[Approaching Port Ellen from the north along Tràigh Gheighsgeir]


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[Laphroaig Distillery is within (longish) walking distance of the village]


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