Ring of Brodgar

[Ring of Brodgar]

The narrow tongue of land extending between the lochs of Stenness and Harray is an archaeologist's paradise. Evidence of Neolithic life is everywhere, with burial cairns and ancient standing stones competing for attention in almost all directions as you drive along the B9055. One structure stands out in terms of overall scale: the Ring of Brodgar stone circle and surrounding henge measures a massive 136 metres across, with no fewer than 60 stones completing the ring. Only 36 still survive, but this is still a highly atmospheric place if you catch it before or after the daytime summer crowds arrive. Nearby, the Comet Stone standing stone would be a notable attraction in its own right anywhere else in Scotland; here it's little more than an afterthought to the main circle, although a good viewpoint for it.

[Ring of Brodgar from the Comet Stone (foreground)]

📌 Ring of Brodgar ★★☆
Location: B9055 a mile northwest of Stenness, G.R.: HY 295134 ///fairness.quits.hillside
Open: Always
Cost: Free

📌 Comet Stone ☆☆☆
Location: A short distance east on foot from the Ring of Brodgar, G.R.: HY 296133 ///cafe.croaking.invent
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[From the north]


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