Harmony Garden

[Harmony Garden]

Harmony is probably the best of the trio of gardens strung around the north side of Melrose. The garden centres on Harmony House, an elegant Georgian mansion - sadly not open to the public although available for rent. Flowerbeds, rhododendrons, kitchen gardens and an immaculate croquet lawn surround the building, all overlooked by the ruins of Melrose Abbey to the east. Being (slightly) further away from the town centre than the rest of Melrose's attractions makes the garden a reliable escape from the crowds on a busy weekend.

[Harmony Garden]

Name: Harmony Garden ★★☆☆
Location: St Mary's Road, Melrose centre, G.R.: NT 547343 / starts greeting unicorns
Open (2017): Daily, April to October; Monday to Saturday, November to late December
Cost: Free

[Harmony House]


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