[Inveraray main street]

Majestic castle, historic jail, bell tower and delightful views across Loch Fyne to the surrounding hills... these are all on the list of Inveraray's attractions, combining to form a settlement far more enticing than its small population would suggest. The village can get a little busy during peak season but this doesn't detract from the charming whitewashed main street (almost the only street), with even the supermarket blending in with its neighbours. Allow the best part of a day here to explore this Argyll hub probably second only to Oban in terms of overall interest. Coffee shops and restaurants abound; we also recommend Loch Fyne Oysters for high-end seafood, a few miles up the road towards the head of the loch.

[Parish Church]

Name: Inveraray ★★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NN 097086 ///material.nickname.hillsides

[War memorial backed by Loch Fyne and Dùn na Cuaiche]

Within walking distance

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[Inveraray Castle (May 2017)]


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[Inveraray & Loch Fyne from the summit of Dùn na Cuaiche]


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