Melrose Abbey

[Melrose Abbey]

At the heart of Melrose is Melrose Abbey, a Cistercian monastery dating to 1146 and the decades immediately after. If you only have time to visit one of the town's attractions this should be it. Although the nave only survives to foundation level, this and the huge transepts, choir and crossing are more than enough to communicate the building's former size. Ornately carved gargoyles and statues add to the grandeur (look out for the bagpipe-playing pig...), while large sections of the surrounding lay ranges are still visible on the north side, giving you a feel for abbey life beyond the central building. Many visitors are likely unaware that their tickets also cover the Commendator's House Museum immediately to the north.

[View from the interior]

Name: Melrose Abbey ★★★
Location: Abbey Street, Melrose centre, G.R.: NT 549342 / myth resembles tweed
Open (2017): Daily
Cost (2017): £5.50 (adults), £3.30 (children), free for Historic Environment Scotland members

Name: Commendator's House Museum ☆☆☆
Description: 14th century building showcasing hundreds of medieval artefacts found around the abbey cloister.
Location: Cloisters Road, Melrose centre, G.R.: NT 548343 / mascot ruler unicorns
Open: Same times as Melrose Abbey above
Cost: Included in Melrose Abbey ticket above

[Commendator's House Museum]


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