Walk: An eroding Eildon trio

[Eildon Mid Hill (right) & Eildon Wester Hill (left) from the ascent to Eildon Hill North]

The 3 pointy summits making up the Eildon Hills contrast sharply with the gentle, rolling nature of the rest of the Scottish Borders. The trio of peaks are the remains of an ancient volcano, the hard rock at its core resisting erosion while softer parts have worn away. Each peak is worth the effort: Wester Hill has the best views south over lush farmland, Mid Hill is the highest with the most distinctive profile, while Eildon Hill North was once the site of both a huge Bronze Age fort and Roman Signal Station. Views throughout are superb, though not really seen to best effect on the overcast day the photos here were taken. And at the start, the historic town of Melrose has an extensive list of sights of its own.

[View over the Tweed valley from the ascent]

📌 Walk: An eroding Eildon trio ★★★
▶ 9 km / 6 miles | ▲ 480 metres | ⌚ Half day walk
Main summits: Eildon Mid Hill (422 metres, sub-2000'); Eildon Wester Hill (371 metres); Eildon Hill North (404 metres)
Points of interest: Melrose & town sights; Rhymer's Stone
Start / finish: Street parking on Dingleton Road (B6359) at Newlyn Road junction, south side of Melrose, G.R.: NT 547339 ///exotic.wriggle.postcard. Alternative start points at Newstead, Rhymer's Stone or elsewhere in Melrose.

Route: Start - bealach between Mid & North hills via St Cuthbert's Way - Eildon Mid Hill - Eildon Wester Hill - Eildon Hill North - Rhymer's Stone - B6361 at G.R.: NT 560342 ///films.stunt.anyone - Melrose & town sights - start
Terrain: Paths are clear throughout though sometimes steep - muddy on descent to Rhymer's Stone. Very steep and loose descent south from Mid Hill can be avoided if you return to the bealach between Mid and North hills first.
Wildlife today: Fox and rabbits in the fields above Melrose.
Weather today: Mostly overcast with just a few glimpses of sunshine. Windy on the summits.

>> Melrose page: Melrose ★★★☆☆ & town sights

📌 Rhymer's Stone ☆☆☆
Description: Stone commemorating 13th century prophet Thomas Rhymer. Amongst other predictions, he claimed a bridge would one day be visible from a tree next to the stone. Surely enough, Leaderfoot Viaduct opened across the Tweed in 1863, just visible from the stone...
Location: Minor road between Melrose and Eildon, G.R.: NT 565336 / pushed digestion down
Anything else? If not visiting as part of the walk, park just to the west (no vehicle access east of this point).

[Eildon Hill North seen from Eildon Mid Hill]

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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