Glenturret Distillery (The Famous Grouse Experience)

[Yep, it's "that" Famous Grouse]

Glenturret is Scotland's oldest distillery and its most visited, nestling beside the tumbling Turret Burn about a mile north of Crieff. Production quantities are relatively small and Glenturret single malt is little-known, so why is the distillery so popular? The answer: spirit originating here also goes into Famous Grouse blended whisky, and the visitor centre represents this world-famous brand. A huge, bronze-coloured statue of the grouse itself provides good photo opportunities - as does the world's largest whisky bottle that's found inside the tasting rooms. Try to avoid peak times if you want a more personal tour.

[Glenturret Distillery]

📌 Glenturret Distillery (The Famous Grouse Experience) ★★☆☆
Location: Minor road at Hosh, a mile north of Crieff, G.R.: NN 857234 ///unsecured.vacancies.chemistry
Open (2019): Daily
Cost (2019): £10+ depending on tour type

[The world's biggest bottle of whisky (20/10/15)]


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