Menstrie Castle

[Menstrie Castle]

Menstrie Castle was built by the Alexander family in the mid-16th century, and now forms a unique centrepiece for a housing estate in the middle of Menstrie village. The building was nearly consigned to the scrapheap of Scottish castles bulldozed to make way for urban development in the 1950's, but campaigning led to flats being built around the castle rather than over it. The castle itself was restored, which involved conversion of some of the building's interior into flats too. A small ground-floor portion remains open to the public as a National Trust for Scotland property; this mostly consists of an exhibition about Sir William Alexander (born here in 1577) and his links with the colonisation of Nova Scotia.

[Menstrie Castle with the hill of Dumyat]

Name: Menstrie Castle ☆☆☆
Location: Castle Road, Menstrie, G.R.: NS 849969 / active ruin reduction
Open (2017): Wednesday & Sunday afternoons, May to September & Easter Sundsay
Cost: Free

[Inside the castle]


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