Walk: Lady Mary, whisky & a war general

[Lady Mary's Walk along the River Earn]

The land around Crieff has a wealth of footpaths and old rights of way rarely matched elsewhere in Scotland. Prime rambling territory is the result, with a seemingly endless choice of routes connecting numerous local landmarks. This circuit takes in an old riverside footpath named after a nineteenth century local landowner, a little-visited monument to a Lothian-born war general, a low hill surrounded by rolling farmland, and Scotland's most popular distillery. Overall, it's an excellent half-day wander that can be stretched into a full day if you take time to explore Crieff at the start and / or join one of the Famous Grouse Experience's regular tours.

[Sir David Baird's Monument]

📌 Walk: Lady Mary, whisky & a war general ★★☆☆
▶ 11 km / 7 miles | ▲ 270 metres | ⌚ Half day walk
Main summits: Laggan Hill (154 metres)
Points of interest: MacRosty Park & Crieff; Lady Mary's Walk; Sir David Baird's Monument; Samson's Stone; Glenturret Distillery
Start / finish: Car park in MacRosty Park, 10-min walk northeast of Crieff town centre, G.R.: NN 858221 ///marathon.trending.props

Route: Car park - Lady Mary's Walk along River Earn to G.R.: NN 836218 - Trowan Farm - Sir David Baird's Monument by main access track - descend west to track at G.R.: NN 823217 - Samson's Stone - Laggan Hill - Currochs - join road at G.R.: NN 856226 - Dalvreck - Glenturret Distillery by path on west side of burn - return to A85 by path on east side of burn - MacRosty Park - start
Terrain: Mostly good tracks and paths with gentle gradients but section around Baird Monument is overgrown in places and steep on descent, with short muddy section on track soon after.
Wildlife today: Mallards and goosanders and heron on River Earn, sheep in fields, ripe blackberries and elderberries.
Weather today: Mostly sunny with light winds, temperature in mid teens.

>> Crieff ★★☆☆
>> Glenturret Distillery (The Famous Grouse Experience) ★★☆☆

[View west from Samson's Stone (foreground)]

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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