[River Ayr from the Auld Bridge]

Ayr is a key hub for southwest Scotland and a good place to visit in all weathers. It's not exactly the first destination you might think of for a day out, but the town offers a long beach, excellent shopping and an historic centre - almost like a west coast version of Aberdeen, but without the oil industry and usually a few degrees warmer. Many of the old parts aren't well publicised so have to be sought out. The 15th century Auld Brig across the wide River Ayr is still open to pedestrians, just off the High Street; medieval St John's Tower is the only remnant of Ayr's original parish church. For a more touristy, leafier contrast, head to Alloway on the south side of town where Robert Burns was born.

[St John's Tower]

Name: Ayr ★★☆☆
Description: Large town with historic Auld Bridge (open to pedestrians) and attractive centre, slightly set back from a long beach front.
LocationG.R.: NS 338218 ///verge.customers.majority
Anything else? Free parking can be found towards the sea.

[Ayr south beach]

Within walking distance

Name: Ayr south beach ★★☆☆
Description: Best of the town's beaches, an easy walk from the shopping district.
Location: Esplanade, 10-min walk west of the centre, G.R.: NS 330217 / retailing onto lucky

Name: St John's Tower ☆☆☆
Description: 14th century tower once belonging to the (now demolished) parish church.
Location: Citadel Place, 5-min walk west of the centre, G.R.: NS 334220 / spice steps wove
Open: View from the street only
Cost: Free

[Wellington Square]


>> see Alloway post for Alloway & village sights (2 miles away)

[Burns Monument, Alloway]


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