Calton Hill

[Spectacular views over Edinburgh from Calton Hill summit]

Edinburgh has one of the most spectacular cityscapes in the world, and Calton Hill is one of the best places to see it all from. A rocky outcrop right at the heart of the city, the summit is sprinkled with an impressive array of monuments and buildings of its own. If the natural high point of the hill isn't enough for you, you can pay to ascend a further 143 steps to the top of telescope-shaped Nelson Monument for even better views.

[View north over the National Monument of Scotland from the top of the Nelson Monument]

Name: Calton Hill ★★★
Location: Between Regent Road & London Road, Edinburgh, G.R.: NT 262742 / stands shin found
Anything else? Free parking is available on some of the surrounding streets outside working hours.

Name: Nelson Monument ☆☆☆
Description: 100-foot monument built in memory of Admiral Lord Nelson commemorating his victory (and death) at the Battle of Trafalgar. Views from the top; small exhibition below.
Location: South side of Calton Hill summit, G.T.: NT 263741 / career memory proof
Open (2017): Daily, April to September; Monday to Saturday, October to March
Cost (2017): £5

[Calton Hill from North Bridge]


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