[View across the village from the harbour]

Gardenstown is the largest of the Aberdeenshire fishing settlements clinging precariously to the wild stretch of coastline between Banff and Fraserburgh. The village appears to have climbed up the steep hillside above the harbour over the decades, but the most charming part is still at sea level: a few rows of old cottages only protected from winter storms by a insignificant sea wall and narrow lane. Head uphill between the houses and you'll find a charming maze of back alleys squeezed in between the houses, seemingly unchanged for centuries.

[Gardenstown has a warren of narrow alleyways set back from the seafront]

📌 Gardenstown ★★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NJ 799648 ///historic.ages.springing

[View along the coast to the west at high tide]

Within walking distance

>> Walk: A fishy foray from Gardenstown to Crovie ★★☆☆



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