Walk: A fishy foray from Gardenstown to Crovie

[The coast path hugs the cliffs, directly above the water in places]

An short but exciting coast path connects the captivating fishing villages of Gardenstown and Crovie. This is a wild section of coastline, with the thin strip of concrete path hemmed in between conglomerate sea cliffs and the chilly North Sea in places. A short section is covered at high tide, and the whole route is probably inadvisable in stormy weather, when large waves threaten even the villages themselves. Catch it at any other time and it's a perfect way to take in one of the most beautiful corners of underrated, coastal Aberdeenshire.

[Steps over The Braes headland towards the Gardenstown end]

📌 Walk: A fishy foray from Gardenstown to Crovie ★★☆☆
▶ 3 km / 2 miles | ▲ 20 metres | ⌚ Short walk
Points of interest: Gardenstown; Gamrie Bay coastline; Crovie
Start / finish: Car park at east end of Gardenstown, G.R.: NJ 801649 ///cakes.binds.conquests

Route: Car park & Gardenstown - coast path - Crovie - return by outward route
Terrain: Short rocky beach section, then partly surfaced path with a few steps. The first section is normally (just) submerged at high tide.
Wildlife today: Waders and seagulls on the beach.
Weather today: Cloudy with some sunshine, temperature in single figures.

>> see separate post for Gardenstown ★★☆☆
>> see separate post for Crovie ★★☆☆

[Approaching Crovie]

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track


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