[Oban from the Isle of Kerrera]

Oban is the most bewitchingly beautiful settlement in the West Highlands by a country mile. Set round a crescent bay backed by low hills, the smell of fish is in the air, and usually in the minds of tourists visiting for lunch: make sure you sample the fine local seafood while you're here. This is a wonderful place to stroll along the esplanade, with breathtaking sunsets in good weather. Ferries bound for islands up and down the western seaboard call at all times of day, which along with the railway terminus gives the town a importantly bustling feel. As a key transport hub, too many visitors use Oban solely as a stepping stone en route to destinations across the water. Don't make the same mistake - the attractions in the town centre alone (listed below) are enough to fill a day, with plenty else to do in the local area.

[Oban & McCaig's Tower (May 2017)]

Name: Oban ★★★
Location (North Pier): G.R.: NM 858302 / painting buildings invest

[View of the town from Pulpit Hill (September 2013)]

Within walking distance

>> see separate post for McCaig's Tower ★★☆☆
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>> see separate post for St Columba's Cathedral (Oban) ☆☆
>> see separate post for St John's Cathedral (Oban) ☆☆☆

[CalMac ferry passing St Columba's Cathedral (May 2017)]


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>> see separate post for Ganavan Sands ★★☆☆ (2 miles away)
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[The sign says it all... (September 2013)]


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