Castle Kennedy Gardens

[Castle Kennedy Gardens]

Gardens can be special for a number of reasons. Some are notable for their rare plant species; others are memorable for their sheer size, or for their intimate beauty. Others have some unusual, unexpected feature providing a unique centrepiece. But Castle Kennedy is special for having all of these qualities, making this one of the country's most wonderful gardens and a must-see attraction if you're visiting the far south-western corner of Scotland in late spring or summer. The ivy-clad ruin of Castle Kennedy itself forms the natural focus for 75 acres of landscaped grounds, backed by a large, walled garden on the sunny south side. To the north, immaculate lawns slope down to the Round Pond, full of Victorian water lilies, with the Baronial grandeur of Lochinch Castle a little further on. Elsewhere, there are dozens of tree-lined avenues (including 21 "champion trees" - the tallest or broadest of their type either in the country or the county), landform sculptures, nine designated viewpoints and four waymarked walks. The gardens are almost completely encircled by two lochs, with wildlife hides for water birds, otters and red squirrels.

[Cordyline Avenue]

Name: Castle Kennedy Gardens ★★★★☆
Location: Off A75 at Castle Kennedy, G.R.: NX 111609 ///twinkled bleat hike
Open (2017): Daily, April to October; weekends, February & March (best May to August)
Cost (2017): £5.50 (adults), £2 (children), discount for booking online

[Walled Garden]

[Castle Kennedy]

[The White Loch]

[Round Pond]

[Walled Garden]

[Lochinch Castle]

[Walled Garden]

[The Black Loch]


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