Coastal Communities Museum

[Coastal Communities Museum]

The Coastal Communities Museum opened in 2013 on the first floor of an old school building also housing North Berwick Library. Info and artefacts are spread across three fair-sized rooms, covering the town's history, Bass Rock and (on our visit) an exhibition about writer Robert Louis Stevenson and his multi-talented family. Despite smart displays and friendly volunteers it's not the most exciting museum you'll ever visit, and is overshadowed even in North Berwick by the more engaging Scottish Seabird Centre. But it's free and only a short walk from the town centre and harbour.

[Coastal Communities Museum]

Name: Coastal Communities Museum ★★☆☆
Location: School Road, 5-min walk east of North Berwick town centre, G.R.: NT 556853 / rising villager scarf
Open (2017): Wednesday to Sunday, April, July & August; weekends, May to June & September to November
Cost: Free

[Coastal Communities Museum]


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