Falls of Falloch

[Falls of Falloch]

The Falls of Falloch are a powerful sight on the River Falloch north of Loch Lomond, conveniently situated right next to the A82 as you drive through the National Park. Five minutes' walk takes you to the 30-foot plunge, best seen after heavy rain or snowmelt. The West Highland Way also passes by on the opposite bank, giving walkers a chance to see where all that rain falling on them is going.

[View downstream from the falls]

📌 Falls of Falloch ★☆☆
Location: Off A82 2 miles north of Inverarnan, G.R.: NN 337208 ///goals.enlighten.depths
Anything else? From the car park at G.R.: NN 334207 ///absent.farm.bother it's a 5-min walk upstream to the waterfall. There's choice of two paths which can be combined to make a short loop; the upper path is wide and clear, but the lower, riverside path is rougher and wetter.

["Woven Sound" bridge and art installation at the upper viewpoint]

[Middle viewpoint]

[Lower viewpoint]

[Falls of Falloch in winter (20/12/14)]


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