Loch Eck

[Loch Eck]

Poor Loch Eck. If it was somewhere more accessible it might be as celebrated as some of its similar sized cousins such as Loch Katrine or Loch Earn. Instead, this seven mile-long body of water is hidden away in a narrow cleft in deepest Cowal, surrounded by a maze of sea lochs and rugged, seldom climbed hills. Once you've safely arrived in the region, access from the roadside is actually fairly easy thanks to a string of laybys with informal paths leading down to the water's edge, some disappointingly litter-stewn. Apparently Loch Eck is the only place in the UK where arctic charr, salmon and sea trout can all be found together (though we can think of a couple of restaurants...).

[South along the loch]

Name: Loch Eck ★★☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NS 139925 ///hobby.whirlpool.relations
Anything else? Access (mostly by rough paths) from various laybys on the A815, which loosely follows the east bank.

[View north with a rain shower on the way]


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