Riverside Museum

[Wall of cars at the Riverside Museum]

The architecturally striking Riverside Museum stands on the banks of the Clyde, downstream of Glasgow next to The Tall Ship. Essentially a museum about transport but with plenty of Glasgow history on the side, this is possibly the city's finest museum despite stiff competition in the form of the nearby Kelvingrove. Trains, trams, buses, cars, motorbikes, pedal cycles and model ships fill two floors as well as being stacked high on the walls; the vertical displays give a real wow factor though it doesn't help with seeing them close-up. A reconstructed cobbled street is perhaps the finest corner of the building, with several shops you can enter, vehicles lining the road and even a subway station complete with one of the old carriages.

[Reconstructed street]

📌 Riverside Museum ★★★☆
Location: 100 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 558660 ///noble.quiet.moves
Open (2018): Daily
Cost: Free (small charge for parking)
Public transport: Train (Partick), 500 metres; bus, <200 metres

[Riverside Museum (4/10/15)]


[Trains and trams]

[Babywear shop]

[Old subway car]


[Cars, trams and trains]


[Cars and ceiling of bikes]

[View from the first floor]


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