Strachur Smiddy

[Strachur Smiddy]

We came across this 18th century blacksmiths after spotting a sign on the main road that bypasses the village of Strachur. The business only closed in the 1950's but reopened as a smoky, authentic tourist attraction in 1997; apparently not much restoration was needed to bring the unassuming building back to its former state. A video gives a good introduction, while if you're lucky you'll be able to pump the bellows to blast air into the roaring fire in the hearth.

[Strachur Smiddy]

📌 Strachur Smiddy ★★☆☆☆
Location: Strachur village centre, G.R.: NN 097014 ///finer.visual.person
Open (2018): Every afternoon, Easter weekend to September
Cost (2018): £2 (adults), £1 (children)

[Strachur Smiddy]


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