[George Street, Cellardyke]

Today, Cellardyke tends to be overshadowed by larger Anstruther. The boundaries of the two villages merged a long time ago and it's Anstruther that's hoovered up most of the shops and services. But Cellardyke is actually the older settlement and was a busy port during the 18th century herring era, only superseded by Anstruther after the harbour (also called Skinfast Haven) suffered storm damage in 1898. The quays now lie mostly empty save for the odd washing line or wandering seagull. Few tourists make the trip here, leaving quaint cottages with exterior staircases and house cats peering from the windows for those in the know to enjoy. By the way, Cellardyke is a corruption of silver dyke: a reference to the glimmering herring scales caught in the nets that were once hung out to dry on the harbour walls.

[Cellardyke harbour]

📌 Cellardyke ★★☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NO 577039 ///boasted.available.builder

[View west towards Anstruther]

Within walking distance

>> Walk: This little piggy went to Crail ★★★☆☆

[Isle of May on the horizon...]

[...and a close up shot (1/1212)]


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