Haddington is the capital of East Lothian and an affluent market town, many times suffering from the attentions of marauding English armies and later a staging post on the Great North Road between London and Edinburgh. Pride of place is an attractive High Street full of colourful houses, places to eat and a generous smattering of independent shops... though the proud locals might be reluctant to admit that some of the facades are a little tatty. The museum in the same building as the town library shows off the region's history; this is farming country, with fishing villages and seaside resorts not far away to the north on Lothian's "golf coast". Haddington is also home to both Scotland's longest parish church (St Mary's) and one of its earliest (St Martin's). Walking to the latter involves crossing the 16th century Nungate Bride over the River Tyne: an idyllic spot worth lingering at. Finally, the 15th century mansion of Lennoxlove House is only a mile to the south and well worth touring.

[Nungate Bridge]

Name: Haddington ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NT 517739 ///hung.voted.zoom

[Market Street]

Within walking distance

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[St Mary's Church]


>> see separate post for Lennoxlove House ★★★☆☆ (1 mile away)

[Lennoxlove House]

[Court Street]

[St Martin's Kirk]

[The Haddington Goat tops the town's mercat cross]

[John Gray Centre]


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