Kingsbarns Distillery

[Kingsbarns Distillery]

The story of Kingsbarns Distillery is closely linked to golf - unsurprising given its proximity to St Andrews. Local golf caddie Douglas Clement noticed the curious dearth of distilleries in eastern Fife, despite a wealth of potential clients who flocked to the region to play the links game in its purest form. Poor in money but rich in contacts, he gathered capital from wealthy golfers to set up his own distillery. Money ran out but the venture was sold to the Wemyss family and construction started in 2013. Kingsbarns is therefore one of Scotland's youngest distilleries; production only began in 2015, meaning whisky can't be legally bottled until 2018. In the meantime you can taste a varied selection of Wemyss Malts - blends from elsewhere in Scotland - at the end of your guided visit. Tours also take in an excellent film and exhibition, as well as the production area which is housed in a single room. We wouldn't recommend Kingsbarns as our favourite whisky tour: while our guide was excellent, the venue just comes in rather below par in terms of charm. But it's certainly worth adding to your itinerary if you're in the area - oh, and they make gin too, under the separate Darnley's label.


📌 Kingsbarns Distillery ★★★☆☆
Location: Off A917 a mile south of Kingsbarns, G.R.: NO 603107 ///heaven.elephant.icebergs
Open (2018): Daily - booking recommended as numbers are limited
Cost (2018): £10+ depending on tour type

[Exhibition area]


[Mash tun]

[Exhibition area]

[Wemyss Malts for sale in the shop]


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