Muthill Old Church & Tower

[Muthill Old Church and Tower]

This church's striking arches and Romanesque tower dominate Muthill village, straight ahead of you as the main road bends left towards Crieff in the village centre. It may look like a single site, but the tower is much older than anything else in the village, built in the 1170's and originally a freestanding religious and defensive icon. The nave was added around the tower 3 centuries later, probably on the orders of Dunblane Cathedral. By the 1820's the congregation had moved elsewhere; soon after, parts of the stonework were used to construct an Episcopal church nearby, leaving the incomplete structure visible today.

[View from the south (June 2015)]

Name: Muthill Old Church and Tower ☆☆☆
Description: Large 12th century tower and arches of a now ruined, central parish church.
Location: Muthill village centre, G.R.: NN 867171 ///yourself.unusually.refreshed
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Tower and east end]


[View from the south in winter]


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