Lyle Hill viewpoint

[View over Gourock from Lyle Hill]

A high level road around the back of the suburbs of Greenock and Gourock provides fantastic views across the Firth of Clyde to the south-west Highlands. The hill, named after Abram Lyle of sugar fame, is crowned with a whitewashed memorial. This takes the form of an anchor combined with the Cross of Lorraine, remembering the WWII efforts of the Free French forces. Sunset views are spectacular; squint a little bit and Gourock looks almost as alluring as Oban in the evening sun.

[View at sunset (October 2015)]

Name: Lyle Hill viewpoint ★☆☆
Location: Lyle Road, between Greenock and Gourock, G.R.: NS 256772 ///tall.event.tradition

[War memorial]

[View north towards the Arrochar Alps]

[And the same view at sunset (October 2015)]


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