Fossil Grove

[Fossil Grove]

In the dappled shade of a popular urban park lies what is often referred to as Glasgow's most ancient visitor attraction. Fossil Grove comprises 9 fossilised tree stumps - complete with parts of their root systems - inside a slightly dilapidated building which you might otherwise mistake for public toilets within the grounds of Victoria Park. The fossils remain in situ where they were discovered in 1887 and are 325 million years old; they appear still to be in relatively good condition despite tectonic movements, World War II bombing and recent humidity issues. What this site really needs though is a better building to house them, better marketing and consistent opening hours... though the dates listed below should be correct for 2018, at least.

[Fossil Grove (14/5/18)]

📌 Fossil Grove ★★☆☆☆
Location: West side of Victoria Park, 4 miles west of George Square, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 538673 ///cute.pets.cowboy
Open (2018): Weekend afternoons, late March to late October
Cost: Free

[Fossilised tree stump]

[Fossilised tree stumps]


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