Dean Castle Country Park

[Dean Castle Country Park]

The north-east suburbs of Kilmarnock are broken up by 200+ acres of pleasant country park - the perfect place for locals to take a sunny day stroll. Two burns run through wooded grounds, joining together next to a fallow deer park and "urban farm" (which isn't as exciting as it sounds). Elsewhere there's a large pond, wetland habitat, playground, visitor centre and - at the heart of it all - Dean Castle. This impressive 14th century tower house contains museum displays but is currently closed for restoration - we'll schedule another visit when it reopens.

[Dean Castle]

📌 Dean Castle Country Park ★★★☆☆
Location: Off Dean Road, a mile north of Kilmarnock town centre, G.R.: NS 435393 ///gone.hikes.fields
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Fallow Deer]


[Wetland boardwalks]

[Kilmarnock Water - with not much water in!]

[Fallow Deer]


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