Dalkeith Museum

[Dalkeith Museum]

One of the most impressive buildings in Dalkeith is the old Corn Exhange. This 19th century hall used to be one of the busiest of its type in the country, but fell derelict for many years before a major restoration saved it in 2015. The Corn Exchange now houses a local housing association, while a section at the rear has been converted into a small museum about the town. A long window allows you to admire the rest of the old building's ceiling (the office space below is less interesting!).

[The museum occupies the rear of Dalkeith Corn Exchange]

📌 Dalkeith Museum ★☆☆☆☆ Website down at time of update
Location: The Corn Exchange (entrance at rear), 61 St Andrews Street, 5-min walk northeast from Dalkeith town centre, G.R.: NT 334675 ///partner.take.outbound
Open (2018): No info at time of update.
Cost: Free

[Dalkeith Museum]


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