Orchardton Tower

[Orchardton Tower]

Sited among green fields south of the village of Palnackie, Orchardton Tower is a mid-15th century tower house. What makes it unique? It's said to be the only circular one left in Scotland - probably excluding those later incorporated into larger buildings. Fortified residences in this shape used to be more popular in the 1200's, but were soon superseded by rectangular ones, offering more interior space and perhaps better protection from attacks. So for local laird John Cairns to have one constructed 200 years later is a bit strange... and we'll probably never find out why. Climb the steps for good views across the surrounding farmland.

[Parapet walk]

📌 Orchardton Tower ☆☆☆
Location: Minor road a mile south of Palnackie, G.R.: NX 817552 ///glory.flexibly.among
Open (2018): Daily, April to September; Saturday to Wednesday, October to March
Cost: Free




[Interior from above]

[Views from the parapet]

[Looking south along Orchardton Burn]


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