Princes Street Gardens

The area between Edinburgh's Old and New Towns is often full of people in a hurry. Whether you're usually dashing between the two parts of the city, running for a bus on Princes Street or sprinting out of Edinburgh Waverley station, slow down and take a moment to explore the deceptively roomy Princes Street Gardens. This sunken green valley on the shady side of Edinburgh Castle used to be covered by the putrid Nor Loch: a belt of marsh and pond polluted by sewage from the Old Town above. The whole area was drained and converted into parkland during construction of the New Town, with the railway squeezed alongside in 1846. Today it's the city's best-known park, with two distinct parts separated by the Scottish National Gallery; the highlight of the west side is a colourful Victorian fountain (restored in 2018), while the east side contains the prominent spires of the Scott Monument. We enjoyed our last autumn visit - though many of the trees in the photo below were controversially felled the week after to make way for a new path.

[East part of Princes Street Gardens]

📌 Princes Street Gardens ★★☆☆☆
Location: Immediately west of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 251737 ///spoon.noises.woods
Open: Daily
Cost: Free


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